Community cats

Charles Anderson from Swift Trucking is no longer connected with this web site.  He no longer supports the rescue and caring of Community cats and he has removed all support of this project.

Because his removal of support was sudden and without notice, this has left me scrambling just to feed everyone.

I was able to keep internet thank to a loan.  So I have been able to continue the work being done in saving the lives of cats, kittens and even dogs around the country.

Due to the fact so many truckers want this site to stay and the work to continue, we found a way thanks to a special angel who is now paying for the website.

You, the truckers out on the road have done a wonderful job and with the help of local rescue groups, over 1000 cats and kittens have been rescued since the beginning of this website.  We will  continue the work. 

I am still trying to feed the community cats however without donations I will no longer be able to do so.

Charles also pulled support from his 14 year old cat who used to ride in the truck with him.  Monkey had to have surgery for cancer back at the end of May. He now has to have medication and a special diet so I have to thank Monkey's Alaska Angel for sending him food.  And also I have to thank Sam a driver for Swift for Monkey's medicine and for the daily calls.  And Monkey really enjoy's the calls and the rides that Sam gives  when he is able to get to Brainerd.  Monkey now has a hoodie so that he won't get cold going outside


Anyone wanting to help these cats, please visit the cats wish lists


Anyone wanting to help with these cats can visit Amazon wishlist that the cats put together






 Wal Mart


The tone of this website will no longer have a trucker theme.