Help Celebrate Monkey Lee's Special Day
On September 21st, 2004 Buster who's name was changed to Monkey Lee was adopted by
Charles Anderson to become a buddy on the road in the semi. 
He was rescued when his mother, who was a community cat was killed by a car, and
his litter was rescued by the Humane Society and bottle fed until they were old enough
to be adopted.
Charles is a trucker and he wanted company in the truck while he was on the road. 
After searching we ended up at the Humane Society where there were 4 cute little kittens in a cage.

Three of the kittens were doing everything possible to get Charles attention,
but it was the one back in the corner trying to get a nap that attracted his attention.
After a short time a bond was formed, and where Charles was not aware,
he had just agreed to a lifetime of making sure that Monkey Lee was the center of Charles' world.
For several years Charles and Monkey traveled the roads of the United States, with Charles catering to every whim Monkey may have.  Monkey's toys were passed down to the cats at home when he got tired of them. 
Several times Monkey had Charles in a panic.  One time while on the road for a period of time
longer than usual, Monkey became "sick".  It at the time when there was the first major scare of recalled canned cat food.  Twice each day I had to check the list to make sure that none of the food sent with Monkey, was on the recall list.  Needless to say, it never was.  I had to go over everything he had to look for in case Monkey became sick. 

Well, came the time that Monkey wanted his "Home" time to play with the other cats.  So Monkey became "sick" 

He refused to play, refused to eat and he just laid quiet and did nothing. 
Charles was in a panic and quickly arranged a load home.  The soonest he could arrive was Saturday, so I had to make a call to the vet to be sure that Monkey could be treated ASAP. 
The Vet agreed to return to the office if they arrived home after hours if needed. 
They arrive and we had to stop at home so I could call the vet and we went inside and
Charles put Monkey on the floor.  At which point Monkey ran into the kitchen and proceeded to chow down.  He was hungry, but he had gotten what he wanted.  He was home.
Another time, we had just moved over the weekend and I had to return to work on Monday. 
That afternoon I received a panic call from Charles, he couldn't find Monkey. 
He had looked everywhere, he had been looking and calling for hours.  He had even tried
opening a can of food to tempt Monkey.  No Monkey.  Charles was convinced that somehow,
Monkey had gotten outside and was lost forever. 
His best friend was lost in the wild world all alone and scared.
As I tried calming Charles down, letting him know that I couldn't leave work to look
for a cat, there was a noise.  Charles looked down and not two feet from where he was standing, was Monkey.  Monkey had decided to take a nap and it was not worth getting up to answer Charles.
My major time with Monkey was when after several years, Charles went back on the road. 
He had been gone for several weeks and Monkey stopped eating, he barely moved.  He was losing weight.  I would check him several times a day to make sure he was still breathing. 
Losing Monkey became an unbearable thought. 
Shortly before Charles came home,
I noticed that Monkey was sitting at the door to the deck where I was feeding the community cats.  It seemed that he was talking under the door.  And one morning as I opened the door to take food outside, in walks this little cat. He ran over to the food dish inside and my inside cats just moved back and let him eat his fill.  Well, Monkey again got what he wanted, a new friend. 
A short time later a second cat came in with frostbite on his foot, and
again Monkey took the new cat under his wing.  Monkey had a new job. He is now the therapy cat for rescued cats and kittens I take in.  He does a wonderful job calming and protecting both young and terrified cats and kittens which cross my door.  
And it has only been recently that Monkey has decided that I may not be so bad and has started to accept my attention without hissing at me.  In fact I am his new BFF.
It seems Charles no longer wanted to be part of the household and left us.  Shortly thereafter it was discovered that Monkey has cancer and needed surgery.  I was the one to worry over him, cook him special food and
make sure he had a soft warm place to sleep without having to move around too much.
I asked for help from Charles for Monkey's medicine and special diet he now has to be on or I would have to put him to sleep because of the pain. I was told "do what you have to".
Monkey knows who loves him and is watching out for his best interest.  And a special Angel from Alaska sent him special
food and another Angel (a trucker driver)has made Monkey his special friend and is now calling to talk to him twice a day
and is sending his medicine.  Sam is even trying to get a load this way so he can give Monkey a ride around the block
in the big Semi.  And Monkey is looking forward to it.
Please help make Monkey's day special by helping care for his rescue babies. He works hard helping socialize each and every one that passes through our doors.

Anyone wanting to help with these cats can visit wishlists that the cats put together





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