Funny Face

Funny Face was on the outskirts of the original colony, I counted her, watched her but couldn't count on her to show up for every meal. 
The day I did my 1st TNR, she was the 2nd cat trapped. I was surprised but happy since I knew she was female due to her tabby coloring with a peach color face. When she was released, she turned and gave me a look that would kill an elephant. 
Now Charles is an over the road trucker and is home most weekends. He spends time on the deck in the evenings usually talking to the different cats. And since Funny Face was the most standoffish, he made her his special project. Over weeks he was able to finally talk her upon the deck to eat even when he was there. Slowly he got her to accept his petting.
When he came home, he always made a point to call to her when he arrived and the time came when she heard his voice, she would come running to greet him.
One evening he poked his head in the door and said that it was starting to rain, and Funny Face shouldn't be out in this weather.
Now, this is the man who last year said that 4 cats in the house were too many. Then he accepted us getting Monkey our senior cat a kitten for his depression. Now he is saying that Funny Face should come in.
Well, after a few minutes of talking to her, he finally convinced her to come in. She discovered the canned food that had just been put down for our cats and thought this was great. When she finished, she was shown around the house by our cats, so she knew where their room was, and the room with their cat's boxes and she settled down in a chair to enjoy her night.
Next morning she was ready to go back outside. We quickly learned when rainy weather, damp weather, heavy dew weather was going to happen because if no was outside to let her in, she would yell till the door was opened.
For some reason, she decided it was her job to bring all the stray, homeless and feral cats home with her. Many a morning I go out to put out food and here she would come running with a new cat following. She had become a cat rescue cat. And she was quite proud of herself,

There was one morning where it had snowed several inches overnight, she was having a fit to go outside. So to calm her down I rushed to the door to let her out and she took off in a flash. I went back to my laptop and coffee and was just ready to settle down when she started screaming to come in. As you can imagine, I was rather ticked. opened the door and she rushed in with something in her mouth. Of course, all I could think of is that she caught a baby squirrel, baby rabbit or even worse, a rat. When she dropped it, I was ready to sweep it out the door with a broom. Thank goodness, I was able to see what she had placed on the rug. It was a small 3-4 week old kitten that barely had his eyes open. I wrapped it up and then went out to check where it had come from. Backtracking I discovered that someone had dumped it in a snowbank at the end of my driveway. If not for Funny Face, this kitten would have died. I then called the vet to see if i could drop by for a checkup, where we discovered that the kitten was deaf. Before leaving the vet's office the kitten had a foster/forever home. The new family left with a kitten and a bag of supplies and a very happy little girl who was already teaching the kitten American Sign Language.

I had to explain to Funny Face that the kitten went to his forever home and she was quite pleased. She has gone back to watching over her colony and watching for any new ones that need food and shelter.

Funny Face may just be a cat, but she puts most people to shame with her compassion, love, and understanding of those less fortunate. In fact, I strongly feel that she is the Mother Teresa of the feline population.

We didn't adopt Funny Face, she adopted us.  Of course, we as humans tend to feel that we are the ones making the decisions, however, in this case, it was Funny Face making 


1 year old Shorty is male neutered.  He was one of those who fought being around people, but once he decided it was almost overnight.  A couple came over looking to adopt and he walked right up to them and told them that they didn't need to look further, he was going home with them and he would even put up with the dog.


Orange 3 years old neutered male.  Charlie was shy around people and tended to hide. But once again, he decided he liked this man and that is who he was going home with.


Darling sweet Twin, one of the sickly kittens that first made me aware of my colony has won my heart.  The winter of 2016 when she was so sick and I was able to get her inside to treat, she fell in love in indoor life and with being petted and loved.  

When she is my sweetheart, I am not sure now well she would do with another home, so she has joined the ranks of Beloved Babies

Prince Chaming

He is happy to be moving on to his new home.  Seems he loves to talk to men and his new daddy loves Siamese.  The husband had agreed to let his wife have a kitten, little did he know that Prince Charming had other ideas.


Which decided she wanted a quieter home where she would be the center of attention.  With her new mother she will be just that.  Her new name is Sweet Baby and mother and daughter couldn't be happier

Doofus Junior

DJ has picked his new home.  He was not the one his new parents came to look at, but he decided they were his people and they decided he was right.  


neutered/vetted and living the good like it took him 5 years to find.


3 year old neutered male.  Where was one of those black cats that just showed up one day following Funny Face.  Where he came from I never did find out.  He was nothing but skin and bones.  He wasn't sure about this people thing, but if Funny Face said it was okay, then he decided to give it a try.  Then came that neat lady who smelled so good and had lots of petting top give.  On a trial basis which has now lasted almost a year, he decided he just might keep the wonderful lady.


Garfield from 2nd colony approx 2 1/2 years old Loves homemade fish stew

neutered/vetted.  Garfield and his man fit each other well.  The man wanted a cat that didn't demand a lot of attention and Garfield wanted a human that would let him watch TV on his own chair.  Each gives personal space and lots of conversation.


 Splotch  siamese 3 years old female  spayed. As with all Siamese, she has no problem voicing her opinions.  Thank goodness her couple loves talking with her and it seems they understand each other.

Ditto gray cat #3

It took a long time for me to realize that there were 3 gray striped kittens because they ran at the slightest motion.  But Ditto was the first to want a safe home and he fell quickly into the petting and purring lifestyle.  As with all adoptions, he choise his family and loves the childrfen and even that silly rabbit.

adoptions 2017

SWIRL 3 years

SIAM 1 year
Secret 1 year

CLARENCE 3 years
WHO 1 year

Peter 1 year

Dave  1 year

Luna  6 weeks

Mischief 6 weeks in rescue

Malfoy   6 weeks in rescue

Furby    6 weeks 



10- 8 week old kittens


34 adoptions  plus 18 adopted from rescues