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    Longer hair tiger

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RT for Right There

Todays story is of Tennessee Tuxedo. His was from my original colony and just as wild and timid as could be. He wanted nothing more from people than a quick hand out of food. Then winter set in, and being the stubborn cat he was, he came up with frost bit on his back leg. I worried about him but he would not let me do anything for him. One really cold morning, I have never been sure why, but when I opened the door to feed the group, he came inside. He made his way to the dish where the inside cats were eating and they made way for him. I got busy and forgot he was inside until about an hour had passed. When I passed the living room door I noticed him laying in a recliner and stop, however he noticed me and ran and hid. I just smiled and said ok. Now I know the rules, don't look at him. This went on for about a week, he used the cat pan, ate when I wasn't around, and made himself comfortable in the recliner. There was a plant at the door of the TV room where we spend most of out time and I started noticing that he was hiding behind the plant, but if I spoke to him, he ran and hid. After another couple of weeks, one morning he came into the TV room and jumped up on the couch and laid down. However, same rule applied, "don't look at me". Slowing he started accepting us talking to him, and the new rule was "don't touch me". Now Charles is an over the road trucker so he is only home on weekends. And Charles has the rule that if you are going to live under my roof, I am going to pet you even if it takes some time. TT (as his name was shorten to) and Charles came to an understanding. Ok you can pet me but don't expect me to like it. One night, Charles on the road and (I usually just sleep in my recliner with 1 or more cats sleeping on me) for a change there was no cats keeping me warm, when I felt one jump up and was standing on my lap. Without opening my eyes, since I can usually tell by fur texture and shape which one it is, I reached and started scratching behind the eyes to encourage he/her to lay down. The fur texture was wrong, slowly I opened one eye and lo and behold, it was TT. I keep scratching and suddenly he started purring. Then he laid down and spent the rest of the night sleeping in my lap. Within a couple of days TT became RT (Right There) because whenever I was home he was right there tripping me up. Spring came and he just had to go outside, He slipped out pass me one day and ran off. Since he had been neutered and had his shots I prayed for the best. I kept looking for him and finally started going door to door looking for any sign of him. Finally came to a house and who was sitting in the front window? Yes it was RT. It seems the lady had just lost her cat after 19 years and RT showed up at her door when was sitting and crying. He was crying to be let in. From what I can understand, it was love at first sight. She has a new friend and he is an only child who reaps all the love she can give. I still miss my RT but, from all reports I have received, this was a match made in heaven

Skittles learns the ropes of inside life

The day I discovered that I had a feral colony on my property, I had thrown some left over bread and dinner rolls out in the back yard for the birds. I looked out the window a few minutes later and saw a black cat grabbing one of the rolls and suddenly she was surrounded by kittens. She dropped the roll and went back for another while the kittens were fighting over the roll. One little black kitten kept being pushed back, and from the looks of the poor skinny baby, I didn'...t think it was long for this world. That is when I started feeding these babies. Soon, they were coming up on the deck and eating, slowly filling out in weight and size. But my sweet little black kitten, where he put on weight still stayed smaller than the rest. Named him Skittles, because he was always darting here and there trying to get his fair share.

When the snows began, and I worried about my new cat family and built shelters to keep them warm, but my biggest worry was my smallest member.

Strangely my inside Senior cat kept talking under the door to the deck, and one morning as I opened the door to take food outside, in walks this little cat. He ran over to the food dish inside and my inside cats just moved back and let him eat his fill.

I got busy doing one thing and another and forgot he was inside.

When I finally remembered he was inside, I went to check on where he could be hiding, fully expecting for him to do that if trapped inside. But no, went into the living room and there he was sleeping with a couple of the other cats.

Now, where he didn't become friendly with us for a while, he was quite happy playing with his new friends and having a warm place to sleep and a full tummy. Slowly he can around started asking for petting like the other cats and settled into a new life.

A neighbor and I were talking one day and she mentioned that she figured the kitten had died and she missed him. She had been hoping to adopt him into her home. she was very surprised to find not only had he not died but he was socialized and neutered and looking for a new home. She came over to see if he would accept her.

After a couple of minutes he climbed into her lap and the two of them talked and Skittles found a new mommy.

Deaf Siamese kitten

Sweet Pea Siamese kitten 8 months, who is deaf and because of it I was able to catch her quickly and within hours of careful petting and a full tummy she decided that she liked people.  She now has been vetted and has a very special "special needs" home.  The daughter and kitty can related and kitty is learning ASL. 


Sweet Pea has been a fast learner of ASL.  She now knows, STOP, Play, food, No, come, and stay. 

Very special Bear

Then there is Bear.  Loves to be picked up , loves to be held.  I can even bring him inside while holding him, comb out his silkly long black fur, but the minute he is put on the floor he freaks.  Very trap wise.  He sees a trap and he is missing for days.  He is approx 1 1/2 old years old.



Bear has been adopted.  Due to his sweet loveable layed back personality, he found a very special forever home.  It is with tears of both joy and sorrow I say good bye to a very special kitty.  I hope his new Mommy will send me lots of pictures of him and his new family.


Bear now known as Wolfe has settled into his new home and has learned the pleasure of sitting in laps and being petted.  He is missed, but the knowledge of knowing he is safe and loved is worth not seeing him.


George the mouser

George is a lilac point siamese mix that is approx 3 years old.  And decided he likes canned cat food, and to get canned cat food, you have to let those big monsters pet you.  Now let them pet you, roll over and look cute, then they bring out all the really good food and if you are really cute, some catnip. 


Well Geroge decided he wanted his own home where he could prove his worth.  He now is living the high life


For Christmas George received a cat tree, soft bed, catnip and those neat little balls with bells in them.  And not to be outdone, he gave his new family 4 dead mice.  This is a home made in heaven

Sorbo with a big heart

Sorbo(named for Kevin Sorbo Hercules Legendary Journeys) may have had a cruel beginning, but this kitten with a strong will to live is going on to a bigger and better life.  I was awoke to our rescue cat wanting to go outside.  Since snow set in Funny Face has been spending most of her time inside working to socialize the feral cats and kittens inside.  Well, I finally gave into her demands and let her out in the sub zero weather.  A short time later. I hear her at the door wanting back in so I opened the door and in she runs with something in her mouth.  Of course I freaked out thinking it was a squirrel or some other wilfelife.  Just as I was trying to scoot her back out the door she dropped a little grey fluff of fur.  I then realized she had brought in a kitten.  Quickly I picked it up wrapped it in a blanket, got some kitten milk and fed it.  Funny Face quietly sat near watching and when the kitten had it's fill and I had been able to check to see it was a boy, Funny Face came to took the kitten back down on the rug to give it a bath.  And as the two of them curled up together, Monkey joined them and Monkey and Funny Face curled aound the kitten to keep it warm.

A quick trip to the vet uncovered Sorbo was deaf so I called the family where I had placed another deaf kitten a few months ago.  Yes they were still interested in another deaf kitten.  Where was I, where was the kitten.  Before Sorbo could have a full checkup, the family was there to claim their new member of their family.  Now there are going to be 2 kittens that know American Sign Language.


So to the jerk who dumped this small kitten in the snow to freeze to death..hope you get your just reward. 

Big Red

Big Red until this winter was just a hobo, just visiting when he got hungry.  He decided to stay after the big snow back in Novemeber and just wandered a few blocks from us.  

A neighbor asked about him because they were having a terrible time with mice, but were afraid to bring a WILD cat inside.  I gave them some pointers on how to encourage Big Red inside. 

After 3 days Big Red decided that a nice warm spot to sleep was a good idea.  The first night inside he had a nice dinner of Fancy Feast and a nice nap on the soft warm bed provided.  Afterwards, he decided that he needed to pay these wonderful people back and proceeded to catch 7 mice within a hour.


Neutered/vetted and doing great for an 8 year old cat


Now the family is becoming mouse free and Big Red has a home of his own.