How not to drive a big rig

Just another story of the life in trucking.


On 9/22/16 I was taking a load from Moorhead, Mn to Eagan, Mn. I was cruising down I94 feeling good that my wife had just made a little girls dream come true. She was able to catch a little kitten from our feral colony that was just what the little girl wanted. Well I was rolling down the roll talking to her on my headset about how happy the little girl  was and she had named the kitten Sweet Pea.


Well I was coming up to on ramp and a big truck was getting on the interstate so I had looked to my right to see if I could move over but seeing a few cars coming up to my slow truck which is governed at 62 mph(for those that don't understand most company trucks are governed at a certain speed and that is how fast they can go, unless going down hill and most company will let you go a little faster downhill but not much).


Well seeing that cars would on me shortly I decided to slow down and let the truck jump on in front of me. When had both got up to full speed I had noticed the truck wasn't going much faster than I was so I decided to slow down some so I wasn't directly behind him and which at that point in time he also slowed down.


So I'm thinking well then I'll speed up and pass him which at that point in time he speed up to. Now getting a little annoyed I decided just lay back and chill out and wait until a rest stop and I'll duck in there and use the restroom.


Well a few miles down the roll we had come up to a nice size hill and I noticed he was heavier than I was and since my load was very light I would jump around him.   I was 3/4 past him when the road leveled off and he had got up to full steam. Which at the point in time he sped up and cut my lead on him to just a 1/4 truck length in which he stayed.


Now I'm getting upset because I'm sitting out on the left lane, thinking at that time he is going to speed up and I can back behind him. NOPE! He stayed that way for a few miles not slowing down and not speeding up. So now what to do I do. Okay I'll turn on my turn signal and he will speed up or slow down.


NOPE! Now I'm ticked this guy is jerking me around. Now  I would look over  to see if I could see him in my mirror and every time I looked at him he was staring straight never looking at anything else.


Okay so what do I do, alright let me slide just a little bit to the right just a little to make him slow down or pass me, the result NOPE! So this is had being going on for about 5 miles.


Looking at my mirrors I'm noticing the traffic had gotten thick behind us and seeing that we were coming up to some road construction and the left lane was ending, Now thinking okay he is finally going to do something,  pass me or let me get ahead of him. NOPE! Coming up to the merge point I know I have to do something so knowing I had no other choice and checking my mirrors I saw a pickup behind who was leaving me enough room to get behind I decided slow down and get behind him.


Once out of the road construction I put on my cruise control on to 55 for the next 30 minutes just to let him get him down the road, knowing that if I didn't I was going to have a serious case of road rage and I didn't want that. But during that whole span of time the one thing I noticed he didn't once look anywhere but straight ahead


The only thing I can say to this driver is you either need to learn to look around and notice what's going around you or get out of that truck because you are going to get some one hurt. But the good thing for me after riding my cruise he finally did get out of my sight and I found that once again I happy for my wife, the little girl, her family, and the little kitten that had gotten a good forever home.