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The world as we know it would not exist without you the Truckers delivering everything from toothpicks to building supplies to groceries and even to the autos we drive.

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This Is A True Story . . . Once Upon A Time . . . .

Back I guess around August of 07 (not important anyway)I was traveling East on I-40 in Tennessee between Knoxville and Nashville head home to North Carolina. It was a beautiful bright sunny day. . .

(watch out when a story tellers starts with 'it was a beautiful bright sunny day!)
I didn't have my CB on which is not unusual, (because I only driver a couple mile over the speed limit unless I am passing someone) There was a four wheeler in the right lane as we topped the hill driving as if she was hauling 40,000 lbs in her car.
I jumped in the left lane to pass her and of course she speeded up. I calmly let her go down the road a little more by now we start going down the hill. When I got back over in the left lane she slowed back down again (All the truckers now exactly what I am talking about!) So instead of risking riding my brakes all the way down this hill, I just jumped right in the left lane.
Important: She had slowed down below the posted 70mpg speed limit by now. I am now only going about 70 and gaining on her when I jumped in the left to pass.
Drivers, what did she do then ?
Of course. She sped back up again. But she only sped up enough to keep me from passing and I wasn't going to go any faster to pass her. (I like keeping myself marketable, no speeding tickets if I can help it.) I wasn't going to slow down and get behind her either. Her pattern indicated that if I did that then she would only slow back down again after seeing a decrease in the threat of the big bad crazy trucker passing her.
We are about half way down the hill at this time and coming on an opening in the woods in middle of the highway where the Troopers cross over. I and the Toyota lady were both traveling about 70 miles and hour (68 - 72 really I had a light load so I didn't have to brake a lot but when I did, she did too).
I noticed everyone ahead tapping their brakes at the point of the opening (I guess its normal for people but I don't get it) That told me automatically that there was a bear in the middle. Of course the lady still in the right lane see that she's coming up on those cars and trucks in the right lane slowing down so she speeds up and gets in the left lane in front of me.
At this time we are still only traveling about 72 miles an hour and she may have gotten up to 75 mph at the most. I don't slow down (I am usually doing the speed limit or 2 over) or jump in the right lane just because I see a state trooper unless he's moving or needs me to switch lanes.
So she is in the left lane, I am in the left lane she passes him about 75-77 and I am going 70-72 when we pass by him in the middle. I was wondering to myself "I wonder is this going to be a story that I end up talking about at the truck stop". Never thinking at the time that it would make the 1st article on a web page actually titled Crazy Trucker Stories ;-) I looked back in the mirror a couple of times, never did turn the CB on to see if the drivers were chatting about the bear pulling out because I didn't want to miss the NPR radio program talking about Iraq. Twice I looked back still running seventy not yet having reached the bottom of the hill but in view of the 65mph sign up ahead. The lady was almost at the sign but never slow down.
I began to slow down as I approached the sign. When I looked back again sure enough here comes old smokey bear When I reached the 65mph sign I was doing 65. Up ahead there was the next sign saying speed limit was 60. Now I am still in the left lane, remember these guys know its a bear on the road so they are riding the brakes and won't go the speed limit that's why I stayed in the left lane.
Smokey the bear was gaining on me slightly I figured he was waiting to see if I was going to slow down at the 60 mph sign. As I approached the sign of course I was blocked out of the right lane because sometimes my fellow drivers don't like to be passed so they do the same thing that the four wheeler will do.
I saw his pattern while I was gaining on him in the left lane.The entire time he rode under the speed limit (because of the bear I guess) when I got beside him he wanted to speed up. So I got of the pedal, then he got off the pedal so I got back on the pedal.
I stayed in the left lane until reaching the sign before I finally got in front of the guy in the right lane. When I reached the sign I was still going 65 until I got in the right lane then I dropped down a bit. Looking back in my mirror I see smokey bear done gased on it, (he was hauling. . .)
I thought to myself, don't tell me this clown is going to come up here and give me a ticket for going 65 in a 60. Then being positive minded guy that I am I said, "naaah he probably just got a call somewhere".
Next thing I know he's on my back door with the lights a flashing. I said yep here comes the crazy trucker story. He comes to the passenger site door and I rolled the window down as he climbed up on the step. I was looking for my medical card when Iheard him in a distressed uneasy voice struggling to say, "open this door", he had stumble off the step. (I laughed to myself) For some reason I said ,"huh" (I think I was surprised at the tone in his voice. He acted like I had pushed him off the step). He said again tapping on the door,"open this door". I unlocked the door.
He climbed up in the truck asking for my license and registration while I was handing it to him. He then asked for my medical card i said,"Yes sir, I am looking for that now." I said what did you pull me over?", he said, "You were going 80 in a 70 back there halfway down that hill", I said no sir I wasn't going 80 back there, I never drive 80 my truck won't go 80 and I wouldn't do it if it did because I don't want to be one of the drivers that ride up and down the highway complaining and about the company that they drive for instead of changing companies but they can't change companies because of their driving record. That's why I wasn't going 80 mile an hour back there. He said," So are you saying that I am lying", I said no sir, I haven't seen what the reading says on your radar gun, it may very well say 80 but I am saying that it wasn't me that was going 80." He said where is your medical card." I said yes sir I am looking for it. (Which was ridiculous of me not to be able to immediately put my hands on my medical card."
He said,"Do you have any weapons, drugs or alcohol in the vehicle."
Me - "No, Sir"
Him - "Do you mind if I search the vehicle?"
Me - "No sir do what ever you feel like you need to do to fulfill you obligations for your job if that's the reason that your doing it"
He said - "You said you don't mind if I search your truck?"
I said - "Officer if that's what you feel like you need to be doing to fulfill the obligations of your job I have no problem with it.If you wanted to search it for any other reason I would have a problem with it from a principle standpoint but I still wouldn't deny you consent to search. I would just like to get this all over with and get back down the road."
I was handing him my medical card.
He said, "Where your medical card"
At this point the guy was kind of frustrating me, but of course I didn't show it
He said - "Why were you going 80 in a 70 back there?"
I said - "Officer, I already told you, I wasn't going 70 in an 80 back there." I said, I saw all of the people in front of me hitting their brakes when they got to the clearing where you were in the middle so I figured you were there before I saw you"
I Said "I was wondering if you were going to come out after me cause I was in the left lane so I got the ladies license plate number that was in front of me when I went by so that I can get in contact with her if I am given a ticket cause she was going faster than I was but she couldn't have been going 80mph either.
He gave me a funny look and said, "I'll be back in just a minute"
He went back to the car and ran my license. Ten minutes later he came back with his clip board filling out a form. I thought I was finally gonna get use of my TVC motorclub membership. (They will handle your traffic citations and discrepancies.)
He said, "I am gonna just write you up like for an inspection. I'll do a class III walk around so you won't get a ticket and get in trouble with your company."
I said, "Officer I appreciate it but had you given me the ticket I wouldn't be in trouble with the company because they know me and how I talk about trying to keep a clean record to other drivers. Going 80mph in my opinion for a person who livelihood is dependent on his drivers license and driving record is stupid and I am not stupid.
Having said that I do realize that you could have given me the ticket if you wanted to so again, I do appreciate you not doing that."
I kinda regretted saying all that immediately after I said it. Thinking it just might make him want to go ahead and give me the ticket. But the guy just walked off and around the truck to do the little inspection.
He came back with the form, asked me to sign it and we told each other to have a nice day.
So everything ended just fine other than a lot of wasted time.

After thought

In the officers defense, assuming that the radar actually said 80mph. You got to realize how common it is that the person they stop will say,"it wasn't me", or. "I wasn't going that fast", on and on.
So unless he's able to determine by your more detailed (but civil) reaction that it really is possible that you are not the guilty party. He's gonna make the assumption he got the right person.
Don't be one of the guys (whether you are right or wrong, driving your car or a big truck) that talks back to the officer ignorantly with a nasty attitude. Right or wrong the officer is in the leveraged position and most of them are actually trying to do his job.
They are not always right. But, they are also not always on a mission just to get you. The way you respond to his judgment call often will determine the outcome of the situation.
Oh yeah, and if it really was you, take the ticket and let it go.Suffer the consequences of your choices or get a lawyer or call TVC and stop being a cry baby cause you got caught!