Monkey Lee who is now 12 years old, had a bad start in life. He was 1 of 6 kittens born of a feral mother who was hit by a car. Lucky for him there was a rescue group who took them in and bottle fed them and raise them until they were able to be taken to the Humane Society to find forever homes. Charles was looking for a buddy to ride over the road with him so we went and was checking out all the kittens. The other kittens were in the front of the cage begging for attention. But there was 1 kitten trying to sleep in the back of the cage looking very upset for being disturbed. Yes, this kitten was the one the attracted Charles. Yes this kitten became Charles's best buddy and for a number of years rode the roads of the country. If you have ever hear of a trucker attitude, it is nothing compared to a trucker cat attitude. Monkey Lee quickly became not only king of the cab but king of the house on home time. Semi's attract Monkey's attention going down the road to this day, pick up trucks are not worth his attention. After a number of years on the road, Charles took some time off and they both had to learn a new way of life. Recently Charles went back on the road, however sadly at 12 years old Monkey Lee has had to stay in retirement. Not to be sad, Monkey has a new job. He is now the therapy cat for rescue cats and kittens we take in. He does a wonderful job calming and protecting both young and terrified cats and kittens which cross our door.